Thursday 31 December 2020

New Year Resolutions: Looking Back at my 2020 Plans

I had big plans for 2020 when I made my list of New Year Resolutions at that start of the year. Sadly, I only achieved one of them. That's partly because several involved exploration of the esoteric side of London, but obvious things got in the way. 

Each January I make a list of at least 10 resolutions for the year ahead. I find  I have a greater chance of success than if I make just a single New Year resolution, and usually do more than half. In 2019 I succeeded in 8 out of 10. One out of 10 is my worst score so far, but I guess that's still better than zero. 

Maybe I should have aimed to do more indoor things. My big achievements, although not on my list, were getting lots of writing done. I'm part of the Chaosium team working on creating a new Rivers of London roleplaying game, and I finished writing the chapter on London itself. I also finished writing Pagan Portals - Scrying for Moon Books, while Pagan Portals - Guided Visualisations was published just before Yule.

However, looking at my list of resolutions, here's the ones I didn't achieve:

  1. Continue the psychogeography walks in London based on the London Lore Tarot that I began last summer with Caroline Wise
  2. Visit all the Hawksmoor churches and blog about them
  3. Do a ley line walk
  4. Blog about the trees of London
  5. Walk a lost river in London
  6. Visit at least one ancient site outside London I haven't yet blogged about before
  7. Visit somewhere connected with the history of witchcraft that I haven't visited before
  8. Continue to declutter my witchy room 
  9. Blog more about the Cabbala and pathworkings on the Tree of Life

The 10th, which I achieved, was: Do some form of divination at least once a month and blog about it. Interestingly, the card I drew for January 2020 was the Hermit from the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus. In hindsight, it was the perfect card for the year ahead as we spent so much time isolating in our own homes. I'll admit I didn't prophesy the pandemic, but I did say it would be a good idea to find "a wise teacher to guide the way through dark times". A certain friend of mine has definitely been my beacon of light in 2020. Here are links to my other divinations over the year:

February: Two of Winter (Swords) in the Animal Tarot

March: New Beginnings from the Moon Hare Oracle

April: Cards for the Day with the Lord of the Rings Oracle

May: Four of Autumn (Coins) from the Fairy Tarot

June: The Fool from the Haindl Tarot

July: The Tower from the Vertigo Tarot

August: London Lore Tarot and Folklore: Glass Bead Necklaces

September: The Engineer (Strength) from the Steampunk Tarot

October: Fallen Angel Oracle - Dantalion

November: Temperancefrom the Magical Nordic Tarot

December: Winter Solstice Tarot Reading: The Five of Pentacles

I'll be making a list of resolutions for 2021 over the New Year holiday and posting them on my blog in a few days.

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