Friday 30 December 2022

New Year Resolutions: Looking Back at my 2022 Plans

Last January I made a list of 10 resolutions for the year ahead, because I generally find I have a greater chance of success than if I make just a single New Year resolution. Did it work? Well 2022 has been very busy and I've done things that weren't on my resolutions list and which I'd not anticipated, including running a goddess workshop at the British Museum. In this post I'm looking back at how my actual resolutions worked out:

1. Launch my book Pagan Portals - Scrying with talks and workshops. 

This was number one on my list and it happened. The book's been successful. It was named the best-selling Moon Book published in 2022. You can see copies in the photo at the top of this post, on a table at Treadwell's bookshop in London.

2. Finish writing Pagan Portals - Wheel of the Year.

I sent the final edited manuscript to my publisher a couple of months ago and it will be my next Pagan Portals title, due out in 2023. 

3. Write about at least 12 esoteric aspects of London I've not blogged about before.

I guess I was so busy writing that I didn't get out to other places as much as I'd like. I did blog about the esoteric art exhibition at the College of Psychic Studies and went on some local exploration when I started to write a gothic novel set in south London.

4. Walk a lost river in London.

Not something I achieved. Maybe next year...

5. Visit a historic or sacred site outside London I've not been to before, and

6. Visit somewhere connected with the history of witchcraft that I haven't visited before.

I'm putting 5 and 6 together, because Colchester Castle is both a historic site I'd not been to before and is, sadly, connected to historic persecutions of people charged with witchcraft.

7. Interview pagan authors for at least 12 blog posts. 

Yes, this was achieved. Here are links to the posts with the interviews:

Lee Morgan
Janet Munin
Kelley Harrell
Jessica Howard
Rachel Patterson
Laurie Martin-Gardner
Mael Brigde
Luke Eastwood
Robin Herne
Irisanya Moon
Steven Dillon
Scott Irvine
Imelda Almqvist

8. Create a candle labyrinth.

I didn't quite do this, but I did create a finger labyrinth and walk Julian's Bower. Still not exactly what was on the list.

9. Do some form of divination at least once a month and blog about it.

I've done readings for the world every month of the year with tarot and oracle cards. I won't list all of my posts here, but you can find them if you look through the blog archive or search divination on my blog. 

10. Get to at least 3 in-person public pagan events. 

After two years of lockdown I was a bit tired of Zoom and Facebook Live so it was great to meet up with friends and fellow witches in person more in 2022. The picture shows the Faerie Festival. Here are links to a few of my posts about pagan events I attended:

The Magickal Women Conference
Black Lotus Kult
Mind Body Soul
Faerie Festival

That's 7 of my 10 goals achieved, which is pretty good. Next week I'll post my resolutions for 2023. Before then I hope you have a great New Year's Eve!

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