Monday 20 March 2023

Book Review: The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp

The Way of Four has long been a classic book about the magical elements of earth, air, fire, and water and their use in witchcraft. Crossed Crow Books has now brought out a new edition, updated for the contemporary world, with a foreword by voodoo priestess Lilith Dorsey. 

Author Deborah Lipp has a background in Wicca and Jungian spirituality. Reading her book reminded me of the training I underwent when I was a novice in a Gardnerian coven many decades ago. However, it isn't exclusively aimed at those who identify as Wiccan, because elemental magic is practiced in many different esoteric traditions. The book's focus is also far more wide-ranging than spellcraft and ritual - it's about personal development to gain balance in everything we do.

A good half of the book looks at using elemental symbolism to help in the mundane world - our personal lives, our homes, our workplaces and our relationships. Quizes and exercises help with understanding what elements we need to engage with more fully to achieve greater balance. Then there are practical suggestions on how to do it, including the decor in our homes, the clothes we choose to wear, the food we eat - even music and perfume. 

The book is about spirituality too, of course. There are exercises and meditations to magically enhance our understanding of the elements as well as spells and rituals showing how elemental forces can make our craft more effective. 

Publisher Crossed Crow Books says on its website:

"The four elements of earth, air, fire, and water have become hallmarks of many branches of modern witchcraft, yet most books only scratch the surface when it comes to exploring these powers in greater detail. In The Way of Four, practicing witch Deborah Lipp takes the reader on an in-depth exploration of each of these four elements, showing the seeker how to connect with them through a series of magical exercises, techniques, spells, and rituals. This book will prove to be a valuable resource for the new witch looking to build an active magical practice or the more seasoned practitioner who might be looking to further intensify their existing practice."

That description mentioned that this book is ideal for new witches as well as those with more experience. It includes both basic lessons and some advanced techniques, but I think even those who have been practicing witchcraft for decades can benefit from a brief return to basics once in a while. It can help to reconsider what might have got out of balance in our lives over the years or even decades. Deborah Lipp offers some excellent techniques for that re-evaluation and achieving what we desire through both mundane work and through magic.

You can find out more about The Way of Four on Amazon and at publisher Crossed Crow Books' website: (Note: I earn commission from advertisers for some links. This helps support my blog at no extra cost to those who read my posts.)

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