Tuesday 22 August 2023

Crafty Ways for Getting the Point of a Witch's Hat

When I asked people to suggest ways of making a droopy witch's hat less floppy, in a post earlier this month, I got lots of suggestions. Thank you all very much indeed! Ideas included:
  • Lining with a cardboard cone
  • Lining with stiff fabric or iron-on lining material
  • Stuffing the hat with soft toy stuffing
  • Attaching wire inside
  • Spraying it with starch or using a similar fabric stiffener.
As you can see from the second picture at the top, my hat has a lot more shape now. I decided to try lining it, but cardboard was just too stiff and made it look the shape of traffic cone. I was going to pop out to the local haberdashery to get some fabric lining material when I spotted some foam packing sheets that seemed the right thickness. I decided to try that. 

I cut out a cone shape (pictured right) and stuck it inside with double-sided sellotape. I thought that way I could easily remove it again if it didn't create the effect I wanted. Actually, it looked great. However, when I tried wearing the hat, the foam sheet lining was too smooth and so the hat had a tendancy to slip off my head after while!

What I'm going to do is take the foam out but use it as a pattern for some proper lining material. Sometimes crafting is trial and error, but at least I learnt something about various ways to get a floppy hat to stand up firmer!

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