Tuesday 8 August 2023

It's all Floppy! How Can I Get it to Stay Up?

The point of my witch's hat I'm talking about, nothing else. A got this hat from a neighbour who'd worn it as costume in a play, but felt it needed a proper witch to give it a home. How could I refuse?

However, it's all floppy. I have no idea if it was always like that or if it got put in the wash or something that gave it the droop. As it is, it isn't exactly wearable.

Any crafty folk got suggestions for getting the hat to stand firm again?

I do actually have a couple of other witchy hats, including one I bought at Leaping Hare, but I'd like to rescue this hat if I can rather than throw it out.

By the way, a few years ago I ran a series of posts where people sent in pictures of their witchy hats. I've linked to some below:



Anonymous said...

Simplest way is to cut a cone from cardboard, roll up and put inside. More washable routes would include interfacing (softer) up through other layers used for hats - a fabric shop should be able to steer you right. Show us when you're done?

Badwitch said...

I did try cardboard but it was too firm! A witch's hat needs to be a bit flexible, firm but not like a road cone. Interfacing and fabric stiffening liquids are probably the way I'll go!

Anonymous said...

Oh that makes sense! Hadn't thought of liquids - best of luck!