Friday 20 October 2023

Divination: Two of Stones from the Wildwood Tarot

I drew a card for the world from the Wildwood Tarot and the Two of Stones appeared. Its title is Challenge and it shows two hares boxing for dominance. Each stands on a separate stone. It's a powerful card and I immediately felt the relevance for our current times. 

The book that comes with the set explains that, for a personal interpretation, if we have reached a level of self-empowerment then our position may be challenged or there may be a struggle with others for control. It says: 

"Learning to deal with rivalry or adversity in a dispassionate manner is a practical skill that can be used to advantage."

There's more insight in the section on reading points:

"Holding your own ground and defending your position at such times can be achieved by keeping in touch with pure and positive motivations and holding on to personal integrity and sincerity, which is the basis for any fair and enduring material reward or advancement."

I think the message is for world leaders as well as for anyone involved in disputes or confrontations. If you are experiencing conflict in the mundane world or challenges on a path of spiritual development, as the book suggests: "Remain clear and focused on your objectives and stay firm in your ethical efforts to proceed."

Notes: In nature, boxing hares are usually a female fighting off an overly amorous male, but were once thought to be males competing with each other. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, this card corresponds with the two of pentacles, which is about maintaing balance in life's difficult situations.

The Wildwood Tarot is by John Matthews and Mark Ryan with artwork by Will Worthington and can be viewed on Amazon. You can read my review of the deck here: 

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