Monday 19 February 2024

Craft: I've Upcycled Old Fabric into a Tarot Card Bag

I made myself this new tarot bag yesterday and it cost me nothing at all, because everything that went into it was upcycled or re-used. Anyone who has tarot cards will know that the boxes get tatty, especially if you carry them around. The cards themselves often also need extra protection to stop the edges scuffing. What's more, tarot bags look nice. 

Tarot bags can be expensive to buy, so here's how to make one. 

Pick your Fabric
The cheapest way is to upcycle something you already own and love, but which has worn out. You can upcycle old clothes or, like I did, even household furnishings. The fabric for my tarot bag  once adorned a much-loved sofa that collapsed. Yes, really. I'd already turned some of it into a drum bag, but still had bits in my crafting box.

Also Needed
You will also need thread and a sewing needle (or a sewing machine). If you've done other sewing then you're likely to have these already. The other essential is a cord to go through the channel at the top. I reused a cord that had once been part of a gift bag, but you could plait a cord from leftover wool as an alternative. 

Cut an Oblong
You need an oblong piece that's about 3 times as long as your tarot cards, and at least 1.5 times as wide. I used pinking shears to stop the edges fraying, but that's optional.

To Sew
Fold the fabric in half with the right sides together. Sew seams from the fold up each side of the bag to just above the height of the tarot cards. Turn the seams inwards and iron flat. Then turn down the top of the fabric at each side, with the folded side edges inwards. Sew the turned flaps across the top to secure them while leaving an open channel to thread a cord through. I hand-stitched my bag, as you can see from the photos.

Finishing Touches
Turn the bag right sides out then thread your cord through the channel at the top and tie the ends. 

Optional Flourishes
If you want your bag to look smooth and lovely inside as well as out then you can use thinner fabric to make a lining for the bag. You could also embroider the outside. 

Here are some other ideas for crafting, upcycling and witchcraft on a shoestring:

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