Tuesday 5 March 2024

Spring Spellcraft: Growing Herbs & Manifesting Wishes

Early March is a great time to sow seeds indoors. Even if you don't have a garden you can grow herbs from seed in pots for your windowsill. 

Here’s a spell you can do to manifest your wishes for the year to come as well as grow some lovely herbs. It uses the energy of spring to boost your magic and empower your intentions. I planted basil because it's associated with prosperity, good health, good luck and abundance, and tastes lovely in pasta sauces and  tomato dishes, but you can use other seeds if you prefer. 

You will need: 

  • Seeds (the photo shows my basil seeds)
  • A pot, propogator or seed tray plus something to put it on for drainage
  • Lightweight potting mixture or compost
  • Clear plastic to cover the pot while the seeds germinate. (You can reuse a clear plastic bag).

Put the potting mixture into the pot or seed trays. Sow a few seeds 1inch or 2.5cms apart in big pots or 1 or 2 per tiny pot. 

Here's the Magic!

As you plant your seeds, visualise what you want to manifest in your life. You can say something like: “As I sow these basil seeds, so I plant the seeds of what I wish to manifest in my life.”

Water the seeds, but don’t overwater them. The compost should be damp, not soggy. Visualise pouring your desire and emotional energy into your wish as you do so.

Put the plastic cover over the pot or tray and place it all in a warm, sunny window but out of direct sunlight. Visualise the warmth and light of the sun energising the seed and your wish.

Seeing Results

You should see the seeds sprout in a couple of weeks. You can then transfer them to larger pots, tubs or window boxes. When they’ve grown tall and produced a lot of leaves, harvest a few at a time to use as you desire. Putting them into your cooking or salads adds to the magic, if you grew edible herbs like I have.

You will hopefully experience the benefits of your spell in the weeks or months to come.

Rounding the Year

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