Thursday 25 April 2024

Book Endorsement for Energy Magick - A User Guide

Moon Books is bringing out a new practical magic title tomorrow - the same day it's officially publishing my first Gothic novel, Erosion. Yes, it's a busy month for interesting books. Energy Magick: A User Guide for Empowerment, Protection, and Healing is by Mark NeCamp. Here's the endorsement I wrote about it:

“All witches need to be able to manipulate magical energy. It’s a fundamental skill taught in all good covens as basic training, but if you’re a solitary practitioner learning on your own, you’re likely to need help. Energy Magick by Mark NeCamp is the perfect guide – an instruction manual for all kinds of magical energy work from grounding through to invocation and evocation. It explains what these forces are, how they work, and how you can learn to sense and manipulate them.
"At each step of the way there are practical exercises. The book is in two sections: basic energy work, and advanced techniques. If you’re a complete beginner I’d recommend working your way through everything. If you’re more experienced then skim the early stuff as a refresher, then go on to section two. This should be an essential text for any trainee in the magical arts. The book is well written, concise and packed with useful information.”

You can view Energy Magick on Amazon and at

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