Friday 28 June 2024

Green London: Keeping The City Cool in Summer

The City is the most built-up part of London, but small spaces planted with trees and shrubs help make the air cleaner and the temperatures cooler. I took this photo of area between The Leadenhall Building and St Andrew Undershaft Church one lunchtime this week. The place in the picture is also behind the Horizon 22 building, home to London's highest free viewing platform. I visited that before I came here for a spot of lunch I bought at a street food market next to it. 

Okay, what I've photographed here is a far cry from some of the large parks I've blogged about in my Green London posts, but it shows even the heart of the traditonal business area tries to make a little room for nature. This is such a tiny spot that it isn't even named as a park on maps, but it offers a pleasant contrast to the stone, steel and glass buildings around it.

Over the past couple of years I've been blogging about London's green spaces in an effort to dispel a prevalent myth in the pagan community that it's just all concrete. 

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