Thursday 27 June 2024

Events: Art, Statues and History in Crystal Palace Park

I took the photos at the top and bottom of this post at Crystal Palace Park in South East London last weekend at an event run by Invisible Palace as part of the London Festival of Architecture

Called Palace, People, Place, the event included a walk along the park's upper terrace with a talk about the statues that once stood there - and a few that still do. Then we went to the Paxton Centre, a nearby gallery and creative space, where everyone was invited to do a little art. 

You can see the picture I sketched on this post too. I'm not claiming it's anything great - I know my art skills are rudimentary. I was trying to capture the bright colours of flowers, the warmth of the summer's day, and the contrast between those things and the concrete statues and wire fence. 

On Sunday, June 30, Invisible Palace is running another, similar event: Drawing from Life. Artist, writer, and researcher Dawn Pereira will share her knowledge of the statues, the role artists played in documenting them, and help people of all skill levels have a go at drawing them. 

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