Friday 21 August 2009

Blake Rising - a spot of lunchtime necromancy?

Walking through Bunhill Fields Burial Ground yesterday lunchtime, I saw a curious stone, a burnt stub of a candle and a scattering of red rose petals.

"How lovely," I thought. "Someone has been honouring the grave of William Blake."

I went a bit closer to take a picture, but when I read what was on the stone I became just a little concerned at the phrasing of the words.
"Blake Rising
Bunhill Fields
Weds 12 August
Rather than simply showing their respects to London's visionary artist and poet, was the perpetrator of this ritual actually hoping he would rise from the grave? Was this a spot of lunchtime necromancy?

While I admire Blake's creative spirit, I'm not sure I want to encounter his undead lumbering corpse next time I take my sandwiches and sit on a bench at Bunhill Fields in my break from work.

Perhaps I should take along a packet of that pink Himalayan salt I wrote about a few weeks back to ward myself from any rotting zombies I may meet.

But if I do, I will certainly write all about it on A Bad Witch's Blog.



Unknown said...

It might not be Zombie Blake; it might be Vampire Blake. Dracula could walk around during the day so why not Vampire Blake? You better take a stake as well as the pink salt the next time you visit the cemetery. Just to be sure.

Unknown said...

Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Or braaaiiinsss....


Badwitch said...

I have a sharpened pencil in my bag, hopefully I won't have to use it as an improvised stake this lunchtime!