Thursday 12 August 2010

A Friday 13 spell for luck

This week there is a Friday 13 - an unlucky day according to superstition. On the last Friday 13, perhaps foolishly, I dismissed suggestions that anything bad was any more likely to happen on Friday 13 than on any other day - then my partner was rushed into hospital with a slipped disc while a storm raged and roads flooded.

So, this time, I have written a spell particularly designed to bring good luck on any Friday 13.

All you have to do is say 13 times: "Today is a lucky day." While you say it, try to visualise all the good things you would like - sunny weather, your favourite food, a fun evening in great company or whatever you want.

Then, throughout the day, take notice of all the lucky things that happen to you, however small or insignificant. Perhaps you get a seat on the train or bus if you commute to work, maybe someone you fancy smiles at you, perhaps a cat crosses your path (if you like cats, that is), perhaps you get an invitation to an exciting event, maybe you simply notice something in the newspaper that makes you smile. Whatever it is, focus on the happy thoughts it brings and know that your spell is working.

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me to you happy 13th birthday


slothgoth said...

I read your post just before setting out to resume the hunt for a wheelchair that will fit in our car and consequently turned my thoughts Diana-wards on the way there. Now I have my 'perfect' power chair sitting in my dining room charging its batteries!

Badwitch said...

Glad it worked and you got what you wanted!