Saturday 25 September 2010

Help save City Lit

City Lit is one of London's foremost adult education colleges and some of its courses are of particular interest to pagans. Over the years it has run classes in folklore and mythology, shamanism, crystal healing and much more.

However, the college is under threat.

The Government is currently making sweeping spending cuts and is not convinced about the value of adult education. As a result, there is a very real risk that colleges such as City Lit will face a massive and disproportionate reduction in Government funding.

At present nearly half City Lit's income comes from the Government - major reductions will jeopardise its whole future and certainly would result in very large fee increases.

If you want to save City Lit, and preserve your opportunity to enrol on some great courses there, please help the college by writing to your local MP. The college website has an example letter created by the college with some hints about other things you could say, although the more personal you make it the more impact it is likely to have. Please write in the next couple of days if it is to have any impact on decisions.

You can find your local MP by following the following link:

You can view the full story, download the draft letter and find other information on the City Lit website


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Antony said...

Hi Bad Witch,

I know, government cuts are bad at the mo. I work in the public services, and unlike what you hear on TV - we don't all get paid a fortune. But the cuts are so deep that many staff where I work face being laid off.

It would be a massive shame to loose a college like this, which seems to offer a huge amount of diverse courses, including a few I wouldn't mind signing up to if I was close by.


A x