Wednesday 12 January 2011

A visit from foxes

I photographed this lovely fox in my garden yesterday. He was sitting on my lawn while another fox - perhaps a vixen - was investigating the leaf pile at the end of my garden, which in previous years has been used as a breeding den.

Hopefully, this lovely pair will choose to have a litter of cubs in my garden this year and I will be able to post lots of photos of fox cubs to my blog.

By the way, if you are interested in urban foxes and want to see some really lovely photos of foxes, I can thoroughly recommend the blog Garden Fox Watch at

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Sobeit said...

I loved seeing the picture you took and reading about your foxes. But I am concerned about having foxes around after reading about the fact that they will eat cats. On the side bar of the site you recommended visiting there is a link to information on this matter.Have you heard anything about this?

Mumma Troll said...

That is a very handsome fox indeed.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised he was calm enough for you to photograph him like this. Excellent shot!

James C. Wallace II said...

We have a small band of red foxes that live and breed on our campus. Being a rural campus in the middle of the Illinois countryside, I'm always very pleased to see the abundance of wildlife. They seem to enjoy hanging out around the cemetery on the far southern edge of campus. I'm not sure why but I hope to get photos of them someday.