Friday 13 April 2012

Another Friday 13...

So today is Friday 13.

If you've been following my blog over the years, you'll know that Friday 13 has definitely been an unlucky day for me in the past.

Now, I know that statistically Friday 13 is no more unlucky than any other day - at least according to insurance companies. Insurers say they don't get any more claims for accidents on that date than usual.

I used to be pretty sceptical about Friday 13 being unlucky - then I had a series of very bad Friday 13ths - usually involving having to rush people to hospital in the middle of storms although on Friday 13 May, 2011, something disastrous happened to Blogger and pretty much everyone who uses the blogging system, including me, lost their blogs for the day and found many earlier posts had corrupted.

Last Friday 13 - in January this year - I was very, very careful. And nothing bad happened.

Hopefully today - Friday 13 April - will go smoothly too. I'll be casting my own Friday 13 Spell for Luck just to help things on their way.

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Anonymous said...

I love Friday the 13th because Friday is sacred to Freya and 13 is our coven number and the number of moons in a year. I ususally text my friends with a "Happy Friday the 13th". I hope you have a wonderful day and it passess peacefully. I love reading your blog :)

O Mestre Que Nada Sabe said...

Usually I like using a numerology "system" based on 18 numbers (somewhat based on the idea of cycle of 18 arcanas, of G.O. Mebes).
It's simple: you sum all the numbers (in a date it would be day, month and year, all summed up), and then you divide it by 18. The rest of the division is the number. The only exception is if the rest is 0, which gives the number 18.

Well, I tried to use this system with the dates you provided. The result seems interesting to me:
13 May, 2011 -> 13 + 5 + 2011 -> 2029 -> 13 which relates to opposition
13 Jan, 2012 -> 13 + 1 + 2012 -> 2026 -> 10 which relates to structural changes, not considered negative
13 Apr, 2012 -> 13 + 4 + 2012 -> 2029 -> 13 which, again, relates to opposition

Supposing the number 13 is not resonant to an aspect of yours which you do value, and also supposing this aspect of yours is strong enough to have an interaction with the number 13, there are other conclusions, based on the numerology qualities of years, periods of years, and months.

For example, 2011 also can be reduced to the number 13. It means this year wouldn't be a very good year to you, if you truly aren't resonant to the number 13. Especifically the former four months of 2011 would have this opposition quality in a much a stronger way.
01/2010 would be a difficult period as well. 01 + 2010 = 2011 -> 13.

Badwitch said...

Paulo - Wow! I've never been very good at numerology so thanks very much. To be honest, 2011 was a very tough year for me as both my mother and my cousin died and I was made redundant. This year is shaping up much better.

O Mestre Que Nada Sabe said...

You're welcome :)

vivienne said...

I live in a house number 13---I loved the house the minute I walked into it,it felt like home,still does and the number doesn't worry me[but fingers crossed]
hope the day went well for you xx

Badwitch said...

Thanks very much for all the comments and good wishes!