Thursday 8 May 2014

Pagan Eye: Horse Chestnut Tree in Leaf and Bloom

I hope my blog readers don't mind me posting photos of things blooming in my garden two days in a row, but it really is the time when everything is bursting with life.

This horse chestnut tree is actually my neighbours, and does rather block out the sun from one of my windows, but I love to see it at this time of year when the leaves are green and it is covered in cream-and-pink flowers.

By high summer these days the leaves have usually turned brown due to leaf miner moths, which is rather sad. However, the leaf miner moths don't actually kill the tree and the caterpillars provide food for blue tits. Earlier in the spring I saw lots of blue tits on this tree and it is good to know my local birds are thriving. The flowers are much loved by bees and, once pollinated, will in the autumn become conkers.

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