Tuesday 10 March 2020

New Beginnings from the Moon Hare Oracle

March is the month when we all go mad for hares, so I thought I would draw a card from Hannah Willow's Moon Hare Oracle to give a reading for this morning and the days to come.

The card I drew was the one you can see in the photo to the left. It is New Beginnings Hare. The description in the book that comes with the set says:
"New Beginnings Hare watches the arrival of the dawn as the world turns and a new horizon comes into view. Nurturing new life, she gazes upon the start of a new day, and the dawn light that heralds new beginnings, new opportunities and a new way of being."
It is a card full of hope, but also reminds us that however bad the state of the world is and whatever our own personal problems, every new morning offers us a chance to make a fresh start. We could make a resolution just for the day, be open to possibilities, or just try to be in the moment and enjoy the signs of spring in the world around us. There are blossom and buds on the trees and, in sunshine or showers, the world can be beautiful. Enjoy the moment.

This card also reminds us to help those around us who need our care. We might have our own children to look out for, or we might know or meet people less fortunate than ourselves who need a little nurturing to help them through the day.

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