Monday 9 March 2020

Pagan Eye: The Full Moon and a Symbol in the Sky

This amazing picture of the moon was taken by Donna Stout in the city of Vandalia, Missouri, in the USA and she sent it to me because of the strange symbol you can see around it in the sky. There is a circle or halo around the moon and a glowing line through it formed by the light through a contrail. Contrails are clouds made up of water vapour or ice crystals caused by aircraft passing by

Donna said: "It is so weird that an airplane and a ring around the moon makes it look like some kind of symbol."

The most common symbol of a circle with a diagonal line through it is the prohibition sign or "do not" sign. Sometimes there's an image in the middle of the circle showing what you shouldn't do - maybe a cigarette to indicate you shouldn't smoke or a camera meaning you shouldn't take photos. However, the diagonal line in prohibitions symbols usually goes the other way - from top left to bottom right. The alchemical symbol for salt is a circle with a line going through it horizontally. I'm not sure what the symbol of a circle with a line going from bottom left to top right means. If you know, do leave a comment.

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The moon photograph is copyright Donna Stout

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