Tuesday 17 March 2020

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Scrying on the Cheap

I've been running a series of posts on the theme of Witchcraft on a Shoestring - offering inexpensive ways to practise the Craft. Today I'm blogging about scrying using a dark coloured ready meal bowl.

Scrying usually means looking into something in the hope of finding messages or visions. It can be done for personal guidance, to find the answers to question, inspiration, far-seeing (looking at distant places or other realms), or for fortune-telling and prophecy. Scrying is often thought of as primarily crystal ball reading, but it can also mean looking into bowls of water, mirrors or a variety of other objects - usually things that are reflective or refractive.

Witches will often use a cauldron filled with water. By candlelight or moonlight, they will peer into the water to see if any messages come to them. Sometimes they will put a small crystal or a silver coin into the water. The purpose of this is to add its power to the rite, to give something to focus on, or simply because it is traditional.

Crystal balls and cauldrons are all expensive items and many witches - particularly those just starting out - don't have them and can't afford them. My suggestion is to use an ordinary dark coloured bowl instead. Ideally use a black bowl; and a black ready meal bowl works perfectly well. Not only is it cheap, but it is also a pretty good idea upcycling use.

Black ready meal bowls are difficult to recycle because of the pigments used to colour them. Although many manufacturers and supermarkets are phasing them out in favour of containers that can be recycled, there are still too many around. If you happen to have one, don't throw it away, put it to good use and have a go at scrying by candlelight.

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