Monday 8 June 2020

Witch Games: Once Upon a Time - Storytelling Cards

Once Upon a Time is another game in my collection that's got a witch in it. It is a storytelling card game in which players make up a fairy tale, taking turns to add elements of plot. Each have a secret ending they are trying to bring about. However, you can't do that until you have got rid of all your other cards.

Apart from endings, there are five groups of cards: characters, items, places, aspects, and events. These include a witch and a whole lot of witchy things like cauldrons, spells and transformations, as well as other traditional fairy tale elements like princes, talking animals and woodcutters. Each player takes it in turns to tell a story. They play cards when they mention things that appear on them. Their turn ends when they get stuck, if another player interrupts with a card with something on it they have mentioned or plays an interrupt card, or if the other players agree their story has just got too silly.

I used to enjoy Once Upon a Time as a fun party game with adults, although it would also be great as a family game with children. Since lockdown, my husband and I have been going through our games collection and rediscovering some old favourites. I hadn't realised before that this one is actually good for just two players.

My copy is first edition and pretty old, but there are newer versions now, with better artwork and some expansions. You can view the third edition of Once Upon a Time on Amazon. The left and above are from my copy. I've been blogging about other games with witches in them, and you can see posts via the links below:

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