Monday 14 September 2020

Pagan Eye: Fresh Sweetcorn - A Good Harvest

It has apparently been a good year for the sweetcorn harvest - or so I learnt when watching Gardeners' World the other day.

The picture of a corn on the cob was taken by Jane Mortimer, who wrote: "I just had to share a pic of the most perfectly pollinated corn cob I've ever seen. There were a couple more niblets sprouting out of the top but they came off when I peeled it. The cob was so big I couldn't eat all of it - first time I've been defeated by sweetcorn!"

Corn of all kinds can be used in spells for luck, growth, fertility and abundance. So, if you really are defeated by an enormous cob, you can use the remainder in your magic. A Native American tradition is to make dolls out of corn husks, or leaves. The dried leaves are soaked to make them pliable before being folded into doll shapes, then left to dry again. You can see a Canadian example in the online collection of the V and A Museum of Childhood.

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The photo at the top is copyright Jane Mortimer.

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