Thursday 24 September 2020

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Ramekin Candleholders

These lovely candleholders are the latest topic in my series of posts called Witchcraft on a Shoestring, for witches who are strapped for cash. Jane Mortimer reminded me that glass dessert containers make excellent candleholders. She mentioned she'd gone to Aldi for her weekly shop and was looking for desserts when she spotted a pack of two creme brulees for £1.49. 

Jane wrote: "Considering they cost between £4 and £5 each in a restaurant, £1.49 for two was pretty amazing. The instructions are a bit of a faff, but the puddings were gorgeous, and we were left with two little glass ramekins that are perfect for catching the drips from small pillar candles. I've attached pix, but sadly I didn't think to photograph the puds before we ate them."

I've blogged in the past about upcycling jam jars into decorative tealight holders, but glass ramekins are even better because you don't have to reach right inside to light the candle. Of course, if you are really skint, then even £1.49 for two desserts is an extravagance, but you could ask if anyone has empty containers they don't want via Freecycle or similar sites where people give away things they no longer need.

Jane added that the ramekins can be decorated with glass paints to witchify them. I'd recommend doing a price comparison to find the cheapest crafting supplies. Martin's MoneySavingExpert says a search on Google Shopping is often the best way of doing that. 

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Jane said...

Thanks so much for the tip about price comparisons. Good thing I didn't find what I needed a few days ago in the shops because I just found it a lot cheaper on Amazon!

Badwitch said...

Really glad you found it cheaper!