Saturday 24 October 2020

Pagan Eye: An Apple Pie for the Feast of Pomona

 This photograph of a home-made apple pie and cream is making my mouth water. It was baked by Jane Mortimer, but I now might have to get cooking and make one myself!

Jane said: "I hope Pomona will forgive me for being late with celebrating her special day, but I didn't look at my copy of Pagan Portals Every Day Magic until it was too late to make a pie for the right day. I made an apple pie using windfall apples collected locally and frozen a few weeks ago. I ate my portion with a liberal dollop of clotted cream. I'd like to think food eaten in honour of deity doesn't have any calories, but sadly that's not the case.  Good thing we had salad for our main course!"

Pomona is the Roman goddess of the orchards, and Apple Day is celebrated in the UK on October 21, but I don't think it is ever the wrong time to have apple pie!  Pagan Portals - Every Day Magic is published by Moon Books and has something to do or celebrate every day of the year.

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The photo is copyright Jane Mortimer.

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