Sunday 25 October 2020

Halloween Games: Mysterium - Ghostly Murder Mystery

As well as celebrating Samhain as a pagan festival, I also like the spooky fun of secular Halloween. And while Halloween parties might be cancelled this year, playing games can still be done even if you only have a small number of people in your household. One of my favourite Halloween-themed games is Mysterium, which is about a haunted house in which a murder took place. 

The idea is that one of the players is the ghost of the murder victim, and the others are psychics trying to find out who killed them, where, and with what object. The ghost can only communicate by giving the other players cards with dream-like pictures on that give clues. They have to guess the right answers before the in-game clock reaches a certain time, with each round being representing an hour on that clock. The mechanics are sort of a cross between Dixit and Cluedo, if you are familiar with those games.

Mysterium is for up to 7 players aged 10 and over. I used to think that it was only good with a large number, but recently my husband and I tried the two-player rules. It works quite well, even though it is a bit different to the standard game. If you are all on your own, there's even an online version you can download as an app and play against an AI. 

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