Monday 12 October 2020

Samhain Shopping: Tempting Treats & Witchy Crafters

The shops are full of Halloween goodies and throughout the month I'm posting pictures of treats I've seen as well as sharing photos of other people's wonderful finds. In a comment on one of my earlier posts, someone who reads my blog suggested looking at the website of Dark Delights. I did, and so did my friend Jane Mortimer, who put in an order straight away. You can see the picture of what she bought at the top. Jane wrote: 

"On October 1st there was a link to Dark Delights in the comments, so I followed it and the goodies I bought are in the photo. The gift box is a present for a friend so I couldn't unstick it to show the contents. I bought some relaxing fang wax melts for evenings, and lemongrass skull melts to get me going on dozy mornings (never bought wax melts before), packed in cute little coffins, along with some bottles of oil for anointing and spell work. Each bottle has a little pentacle on it, so buy one and you've got a nice pendant when the oil's finished. Buy two and you've got a pair of earrings if you pinch a couple of hooks from a pair you no longer wear.

"There was a sweet little ghost soap in the box too, and the strips of brown paper packaging will be the kindling for my next Moon Fire. May at Dark Delights doesn't just pack her parcels out with paper, the order was generously strewn with dried buds and petals - perfect for spell work and witch bottles, or just sprinkling over an altar. There was even a book mark in there, and witches can always use book marks! I was very pleased with my order, and would recommend Dark Delights to witches, pagans and goths everywhere. May doesn't hang about dispatching orders either - it came in record time."

People left recommendations for other online pagan shops too. My fellow Moon Books author Rachel Patterson recommended the Stardust Apothecary Shop, which she said has some really lovely Samhain items. It is on Etsy.

Gemma Clare Albrow mentioned her Etsy shop: Prettywitchytghingz. She said they have lovely Halloween themed crystal carvings made from minerals such as obsidian and jade. Gemma added: "We sell handmade crystal wands and spell jars, and also other holistic items. The crystal pumpkins are in the Halloween section of the shop, there are also other Halloween themed crystals like witches hats, and coffin shaped crystals too."

The picture to the right is from the Prettywitchthingz website.

Thanks so much for the suggestions and the product review. If you have other recommendations, do leave a comment.

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