Tuesday 6 October 2020

Halloween Shopping & Crafting: Broomstick Pentagram

I made the witchy pentagram wreath on my wall (pictured left) out of five small Halloween-costume witches' broomsticks that cost me 25p each. Admittedly, I bought them last year just after Halloween in a sale, but even before October 31 you can pick up broomsticks just like that for about £1. 

The wreath is really easy to make too. Just place five broomsticks in a pentagram shape like I did, then tie them together at the tips and where they cross over. Tie a loop from the top to hang it from a hook on the wall. I used green gardening twine as that felt in keeping with the regular use of besoms - to sweep up autumn leaves in the garden.

The picture at the bottom shows my cat Tommy helping me place the mini-besoms before tying them together. I blogged about that last autumn. 

If you don't want to buy mass-produced stuff from the high street, you can make your own mini-besoms from scratch using foraged sticks and bundles of twigs.

Throughout the month of October I'm posting pictures of Halloween treats I've seen in shops and online as well as sharing photos of other people's wonderful finds. I'm also blogging about tricks for turning high-street stuff into real witches' tools.

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Jane said...

Love the pentagram! Seeing Tommy sitting in it shows how big it is. Nice work!

Badwitch said...

Thank you!