Friday 9 October 2020

Halloween: Are You There, Poundland Ouija Boards?

I'm angry at Poundland offering Ouija boards for £1 this Halloween. 

Why am I angry? Well, I can't seem to find one! 

I was first alerted to spirit boards by Creepy Town at this spookily low price through a tweet by @revpeterlaws, of Creepy Cove Podcast fame. The horror-movie-loving Reverend wrote: "You can now buy Ouija Boards in @Poundland. Comes with planchette plus a demon/a spirit/a nothing - depending on your worldview." 

He mentioned that the picture he posted had been taken by his Facebook friend Rachel Evans, and you can see that photo here too. 

So, I immediately went onto the Poundland website to have a look and to check if my local store had any in stock. I was very upset to find none. I Googled to see where else had one, but all I discovered was the Daily Mail being shocked at the budget chain selling them, and quoting a doom-mongering clairvoyant saying they are bad. I've blogged in the past with my thoughts about the dangers of Ouija boards. All I'll add now is that these Poundland items were apparently marked for sale to over-18s only, which is fine in my opinion.

Following my own failure at tracking down a £1 Ouija board, I messaged all my friends. Apparently several of them had rushed out to Poundland to get one, but not been lucky. They did come back with other rather nice Halloweeny things, including bleeding skull candles and Halloween wreaths, but no spirit boards.

So, have they all sold out or did the shop managers decide to withdraw them from sale? If you've seen one in the shops, or know what happened to all the stock, do let me know. 

Although I was quite keen to review one for my blog, I don't actually need a new spirit board. I bought a very good quality one from Treadwell's at their Samhain event last year. You can see that in the lower picture on this post. I'll be using it along with my other scrying tools this year, as is traditional in witchcraft on the night when the veil between the worlds is thin.

Throughout the month of October I'm posting pictures of Halloween treats I've seen in shops and online as well as sharing photos of other people's wonderful finds. If you've spotted something worth mentioning, do leave a comment.

EDIT 10 OCTOBER: Apparently the Ouija boards were removed from sale at Poundland on October 2, following complaints. What a shame.

The top photo is copyright Rachel Evans

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Gloria Glamfeather said...

I had no luck either. Of course this has now turned into A QUEST

Badwitch said...

Good luck! If you find one, do let me know.

Jane said...

Maybe it's up to individual store managers to order them in - and they're all too scared! Or maybe the whole thing's an elaborate hoax to find out how many spirit seekers there are out there!

Jane said...

I Googled 'Where are the Poundland spirit boards?' today and found they were withdrawn from the shops on October 2nd following a lot of complaints and 'shock horror' reactions from spiritualists and other people.

Badwitch said...

Thanks for finding that out Jane. I'll add an edit to the bottom of the post

Anonymous said...

Some of the poundland Ouija Boards are being sold on ebay uk for £8.99, seller name is emoshajaha0.
I am not the actual seller but thought this might interest you as I couldn't find one in the shops either

Badwitch said...

Yes indeed. I'm not surprised someone bought a load and is making a profit reselling them. I won't be buying one for £8.99 myself though!