Thursday 7 January 2021

Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Walking Spell For Healing

January is often a time when people get the blues, and at the moment there are extra things to be blue about. Many of us also have friends or family members who are ill and who we are worrying about. Some years ago, when my mum was very ill in hospital, I used to do a walking spell as I walked from the bus stop to her ward to visit her. As I put one foot in front of the other, I would repeat in my head. 
"As I walk, 
I chant this spell, 
may all be right, 
may all be well." 
I would also visualise each step bringing my wish closer and closer. I found it helped me feel positive about things - and my mum recovered too. Of course it could have been coincidence, but I like to think it did some good. If you're able to get outside for walks, this is a spell you could try for healing or just to wish things that currently seem wrong get put right.

Mind you, I recognise that there's an ableist element to what I've written. Not everyone can get out of the house, or even walk about. It was originally just something I made up for my own use when I was so busy I only had time to cast spells on the go. If you're stuck indoors and aren't very mobile, then you can change the first line to "As I drum", or "As I clap", and do those things instead of walking. You can do pretty much anything that has a regular beat as you say or think the words of the chant.

If you try this spell out, I hope it helps you put your best foot forward for the start of the year. I'll be talking about Magic for the Month of January in a free Facebook Live event on Friday 15th January at 4pm. You can watch it after that too, as the video will remain available. Here's the link and details:

The picture is an old one and shows my favourite pair of boots


Jane said...

Yes, positivity, that's what we need to get through these challenging times. Something else we can do while out walking: to banish something that's getting in the way of healing, write it on a sticky label and stick it under one of your shoes before going for a walk. By the time you get home you should literally have walked it into oblivion.

Badwitch said...

Good idea Jane!

Unknown said...

Love this. Especially the adaptation as the weather hasn't been kind over the past few days.