Friday 19 February 2021

Crafting with Kids: Anglo-Saxon Helmet & Long House

Crafting supplier Baker Ross has online instructions for making a cardboard replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet (pictured) as well as a miniature long house and other Anglo-Saxon objects including jewellery, decorated plates and pottery. 

Obviously this is inspired by the new movie The Dig, which is worth seeing if you haven't done so already, but if you're educating children at home then I reckon these crafting projects could be a fun addition to a history or art class. When museums open again, you could follow this up with a trip to  the British Museum to see the Sutton Hoo display, or even a trip to the site of the ship burial in Suffolk.

I can also recommend Baker Ross if you want to order crafting supplies for projects for adults as well as for children - although they do focus mostly on things for children to make or classroom activities. I've been buying from them for years because their prices are very reasonable.

(The picture is reproduced from the Baker Ross website)

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