Tuesday 20 April 2021

Divination: Joy or Six of Fishes from the Merlin Tarot

It's always lovely when you draw a tarot card that says "Joy". That was what I turned over when I picked a single card from the Merlin Tarot as an indication of what lies ahead. I've been doing readings for the world every month for over a year. As you might expect during those difficult times, few have been exactly joyful. But things are changing and this card shows it. 

I used the Merlin Tarot because I've been deliberately using decks from my collection that aren't the ones I most frequently turn to. I was given the Merlin Tarot many years ago by a friend, but I must admit I don't often use it because although the Major Arcana is beautifully illustrated with pictures inspired by the tales of the life of Merlin, the Minor Arcana is more stylised. The cards show birds, serpents, fishes and beasts plus a single word meaning. 

The suit of fishes corresponds to cups in the Rider-Wait-Smith and similar decks. It is to do with emotions. Traditional interpretations for the six of cups relate to innocent love and also nostalgia for the past. The Rider-Waite-Smith picture shows a young boy offering a young girl a chalice filled with flowers in an idealised village scene. What I get from this is that we are all yearning in many ways to return to the joys and innocence of the time before Covid. We want to meet up with friends we haven't seen in person for a while. We might also want the chance for love and romance. I would say our wishes for these things might very soon come true.

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