Friday 19 March 2021

Witches' Wisdom Tarot: The Council of All Beings

I drew a tarot card for the time of the Equinox from the Witches' Wisdom Tarot, and I turned over The Council of All Beings. It is 21 in the Major Arcana in this deck, which slightly oddly corresponds with  Judgement rather than The World in Rider-Waite-Smith style decks, although it seems to combine something of both to me. The image shows all the creatures of the world, all life of the world, and it is by our relationship with those creatures and that life that we should be judged, not by a higher power. 

The essence of this card is urgency, summoning, connection, community, maturity, readiness, connection and kindness. It is a call to connect with others in your community with kindness, not division. It is also an urgent summoning for everyone to do more to help all life on this planet. The message is also about magic and our relationship with that as witches. Real magic isn't just following recipes, spells and rituals written down by others; one of the strongest unseen forces that powers magic is love. The book that comes in the boxed set reads;

"The Council advises that the future depends on your ability to cultivate that love, with yourself, with Mother Earth, and all her Peoples."

The Witches' Wisdom Tarot also offers a magical act that would be perfect to do this Equinox, or for Earth Hour or Earth Day:

"Create a circle, preferably outdoors, honouring the four directions, the Sun above, the Earth below, and your heart in the center. Invite the Plant and Animal Peoples, your Ancestors, and the compassionate beings of Spirit within you. Observe the divine wisdom embodied by Nature. What is being shown to you? Pay attention to the divinity you embody. What values do you live by? Commit to acting in accord. Offer thanks and close your circle."

Both this year and last year I have been drawing a tarot or oracle card each month as a reading for the world. You can see links to some of my earlier posts below. You can also view the Witches' Wisdom Tarot on Amazon.

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