Tuesday 22 June 2021

Practical Witchcraft: Making Charged Solstice Water

Here is a post by Jane Mortimer on making charged water, which she wrote on the Summer Solstice. It is a companion to her earlier post on making Blue Moon Water:

21st June

It's wet and miserable here today, but I've put a bottle of sparkling spring water in each of the front and back gardens to catch today's magickal sunlight, such as it is. 

Charged water really is magickal. There's been a pot of Tradescantia Zebrina slowly dying from the roots up on the spare room windowsill for months on end, and I finally got round to re-potting all the live bits on Saturday. I watered them with Samhain Blue Moon water and now they're positively flourishing - and they haven't even got roots yet! 

It's lovely to see plants come back to life.

The picture is copyright Jane Mortimer.

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