Friday 20 August 2021

Treasured Possessions: Vintage Witchy Jars & Dishes

This post was written by my fellow witchy blog contributor Jane Mortimer:

Ding Dong …..

….. used to mean Avon calling, but it’s a bit old hat and a lot of Avon ordering is done online these days. Over the years, I've managed to collect a lot of witchy paraphernalia and items for my altars and spells, but I couldn’t help noticing how many of them came from Avon. Here’s a photo of the things I’ve gathered.

The heavy glass candle holder and the little glass salt dish came with candles in them in the 1980s, and the blue oil burner was my first burner, bought from Avon in the 1990s. I used it for my first ever spell. The altar cloth is a cunningly folded table runner with gold stars on it, and the Hamsa hand joss stick tray and Buddah shadow lamp are things I’ve bought very recently. The two vanity jars are from the 80s, the one on the left possibly even earlier, and I’ve re-touched the scuffed top with silver nail varnish.  The jar on the right contains sea salt and I use it for cleaning crystals. The battery-operated water feature is a couple of years old, and they’ve brought out a similar one since.  

There are two items in the photo that aren’t from Avon: the purple bottle with bejewelled stopper was bought from Boots in the years before they went back to being Boots the chemist, and it now contains holy water, which is easy to collect from a lot of Catholic churches, no questions asked, if you take your own bottle. So was the brass pot with holes, which originally contained boiled sweets, but is now used as an incense burner when it’s not holding my collection of sea shells.

The real stars of this photo are the three new little bottles of fragrance oil in the front: Jasmine, which also contains bergamot and musk; Lavender, with jasmine and cedarwood, and Rose, with prosecco (?), grapefruit and sandalwood.  Just two drops of the rose oil rubbed over a dinner candle fills the room with the scent of roses and Turkish delight. They’re not essential oils, and they have more than one fragrance in each bottle, but they’re super-strong and smell divine, and for anyone who likes to go with their intuition when deciding what ingredients to use in magick, they are ideal.

If I find any more treasures from Avon, I’ll take some pics and write about them.  

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