Tuesday 28 September 2021

Divination: Hunter of Mysteries from the Shaman's Oracle

I drew a card for the world from The Shaman's Oracle and revealed the Hunter of Mysteries. While hunting was vital for our ancient ancestors who lived by what they could catch or forage, the suit of hunters in this deck is also about hunting for spiritual truths. The skills of the hunter involve learning about what they seek, as well as waiting and watching for the right moment to act. 

The card I drew is specifically about the quest for answers to spiritual mysteries and the description from the book that comes with the set says:

"Mysteries are the hidden, inner side of life. To our ancestors they were the Great Mysteries, the rituals and ceremonies by which they communed with the celestial beings. So, too, for us: we are able to deepen our awareness of the world around us by plumbing the mystery of life itself. The Hunter of Mysteries stands in the shadows but prepares to emerge into the light where he will guide us on our path. In following his lead we enter into a state that is timeless, spaceless, unformed. By exploring deep within ourselves we give form to our thoughts, our aims and our actions."

This feels a suitable message as we descend into the dark months of the year, traditionally a time of contemplation and looking inwards. However, in the material world around us there is also uncertainty. The message of this card is to bide your time rather than rushing into action. Look within yourself to find hidden truths, and to gain wisdom from the spirit world to guide you towards what you seek in life. May your hunt be successful, whatever it is you truly need.

Every month, both this year and last, I've been drawing a tarot or oracle card as a reading for the world. I have a big collection of decks and have been making a point of using those that I haven't picked up for a while. The Shaman's Oracle is by John Matthews and Wil Kingham. You can read my review of it here.

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