Friday 8 October 2021

Halloween Shopping: Handmade Cauldrons and Melts

Continuing my look at Halloween shopping, I was sent these pictures of brilliant buys by Jackie, who saw my earlier posts on cauldron cups and candles. 

Jackie said: "I thought you might like these that I bought these from My friend Grace sells the handmade cauldrons and a lovely selection of wax melts. The one in the picture is scented with cinnamon."

The description on the website says: "We create ornamental artisan wax melts to simultaneously beautify and fragrance your interior. Our inspiration is drawn from everywhere but most especially history, the Gothic aesthetic, memento mori and cameo jewellery. In essence anything weird and wonderful. Made with sustainable rapeseed and coconut wax we scent our melts with a combination of natural essential oils and exquisite perfume oils so there is a fragrance to suit everyone."

Jackie added: "I've been using the melt for a few days now, and my house smells of cinnamon, Lovely."

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Jane said...

Mmmm... another nice shop to explore!