Thursday 24 February 2022

Poetry: Her Presence - A Lipogram Poem in E

I've written a lipgram, which is a poem in which you pick one vowel but can’t use words with any other vowels. I picked the letter 'e' and wrote this:

Her Presence

Sense her presence
The streets between
where seeds grew green;

the lee, the fen,
the secret den,
the sheltered tree,
the yew, the bee.

Her essence scented;
freshness, newness.
Sex let free,
yet never lewdness

Keep the leys
she respected:
remembered secrets
well reflected.

Cybele, Demeter,
Selene, Telete,
Ceres, Prende

Sense her presence
Her dependents
we ever were.

E is a relatively easy word to find words to use in a lipogram, but I might just go back and write more using the others. The image I chose to use with this poem is a flower picture I created from leaves and blossoms of a green woman.


Anonymous said...

Quick! Change 'unseen' to 'secret'!

Badwitch said...

Gosh thanks for the spot! Will do!

Badwitch said...

Changed now. Do you know I got 6 people to look at the poem before I shared it and you were the first to spot that. Very grateful!