Tuesday 1 March 2022

March 1: Pancake Day, St David's Day & Crepe Week

Today is Pancake Day, celebrated in England on Shrove Tuesday while people in many other countries are enjoying Carnival. I've blogged about Pancake Day many times in the past, including the folkloric tradition that you should eat pancakes to be wealthy as well as the history of the day and its customs. I've even written about how you can use a pancake for scrying!

However, today is also March 1, and that's St David's Day. St David is St Dewi more correctly in Wales, where he is the patron saint of the country. So, I thought I'd offer a few links to recipes for Welsh pancakes, (crempog or crempogau), which are traditionally eaten in Wales on Shrove Tuesday. The crempog or crempogau recipes I've found make a pancake that's thicker than the ones I usually have in England. They can be stacked and eaten with butter. Here's a few sites:

Looking further afield, with Ukranian people on most of our minds at the moment, a custom from that country is to eat pancakes to celebrate the start of spring. The festival of Maslenitsa, which takes place in many Eastern Slavic countries, is called Butter Lady, Butter Week, Crepe Week or Cheese Week in Ukraine. The festival takes place in the last week before Great Lent in the Orthodox calender, but it is believed to have origins that date back to pre-Christian pagan times and marked the end of winter. Pancakes are, of course, round like the sun.

Here's a link to a Ukranian recipes site with more about the traditions: https://ukrainian-recipes.com/traditional-celebrations-of-cheese-week-in-ukraine-why-pancakes-are-the-symbol-of-masliana.html

Photo: Pancakes mit Honig (pancakes with honey) by Marco Verch, shared under Creative Commons from the Wikipedia entry on pancakes.  


Tuulikki said...

In Sweden we celebrate Shrove Tuesday today by eating semlor. A semla is a bun with whipped cream and almond paste.

Badwitch said...

The Swedish custom sounds scrummy!