Monday 18 April 2022

Divination: Sarah-La-Kali from the Divine Feminine Oracle

Sarah-La-Kali is Queen of the Outsiders in the Divine Feminine Oracle. The message is one for all who feel they are outsiders in any sense, and is one of love. There is nothing you need to prove to anyone else. Love is not outside you - it is in your own heart. You are worthy of love no matter how outcast you might feel.

I chose to draw a card for the world from the Divine Feminine Oracle after blogging earlier about the Feminine Power exhibition. As well as pagan deities, the deck includes Christian saints - and I have no problem including Christian saints as archetypes of feminine power. Sarah-La-Kali is also known as Saint Sarah and she is the patron saint of the Romani people. Her festival is on May 24.

In one legend, she was the Egyptian servant of the three Marys: Mary mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. She travelled with them to Southern France when she was young, in the tale. In another legend Sarah was a charitable woman who collected alms for the poor, and may have been a member of the Romani people. She welcomed the three Marys to the shores of France and helped them in their ministry, preaching love for all. 

This card gives us the message that we should help those who travel to our shores and are in need, as well as offering the message of self-worth for those who feel they are outsiders. At this particular time, it seems a very pertinent card to draw.

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