Saturday 16 April 2022

Pagan Eye: Pink Blossom and Good Thoughts for Spring

Fairy witch Daniela Simina took this photo of pink blossom after seeing my post yesterday of a blossom tree in the street outside my house. She wrote:

"I found your last post very inspiring. It gave me the opportunity to reflect about beauty, the lack or abundance thereof, and various meanings that it takes. This tree grows on a patch of land with nothing remarkable about it. Or better said, the place was unremarkable until this tree put on display its hundreds of little pink bunches. I stood beneath and pink fluffy mass and looked upward. Beauty, of the elaborate kind such as a flowering tree, stands out easily when contrasted by the plainness of it’s surroundings; but how could one single flower stand out amid hundreds of others? What catches the eye and makes one flower or person stand out in a crowd? Is beauty always (only) in the eyes of the beholder? Good for thought on a bright spring day."

Daniela Simina is the author of the forthcoming Pagan Portals' title: Where Fairies Meet, Parallels between Irish and Romanian Traditions, published by Moon Books.

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