Monday 16 May 2022

Crystal Wisdom Divination: Auralite 23, Soul Connector

I felt finding a huge bag of crystals in a charity shop was sign I should work more with the magic of stones and gems. One of the things I've done is use Judy Hall's Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, and I've drawn a card from that as a divination for the world.

The card I drew was Auralite 23, which Judy Hall calls the Soul Connector. She writes that the crystal itself can be calming and also help us connect with and heal the universal mind. What I would take from that is that meditating on auralite 23, or having the crystal in your home, would be soothing and allow the sense of calmness to spread to those around you. I think we could all do with a bit of soothing calmness right now.

I don't own an auralite 23. It's an extremely rare type of amethyst. However, the advantage of having a crystal oracle deck is that you can work with crystals without having the real stone in front of you. The divinatory meaning of the Auralite card is the importance of recognising that we are all integral parts of humanity. Judy writes:

"Centre yourself in inner peace and connect to your higher mind before making a decision. Beneficial contacts come through friends and family. Its not so much what you know as whom that counts now, and that includes higher beings."

One of the crystals in my recent purchase was an amethyst cluster, which is considerably less rare than auralite 23 but is also a soothing, calming stone. You can see a photo of that on this post below the image of the card. Any cluster has the symbolism of connection - of being a cohesive part of a group. In magical workings it can represent the importance of working with those around us, helping us achieve more as part of a group than we could on our own.

You can find my review of Judy Hall's Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle here. It is published by Watkins.

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