Friday 8 July 2022

Altars: A British Museum Goddess Day Focus Table

Tomorrow, artist Laura Daligan and I are going to be running a workshop at the British Museum called Awakening the Goddess: A Journey Through Story, Art and Archetype. The workshop is part of the museum's community partnerships programme, so invitations were sent out to the community groups that helped with the creation of the Feminine Power exhibition that's currently on. Here's the wording from the  flyer for the workshop:

"The Feminine Power exhibition is organised around different aspects of the divine feminine and within this workshop we meet a variety of goddesses who embody some of these diverse and empowering themes. Through story, craft and journeying we will explore the divine feminine and her role in myth, magic and history. Inspired by the goddesses featured in the exhibition there will be the opportunity to create your own goddess statue, and to find ways of forging powerful connections to the divine feminine in our daily lives."

Laura and I wanted to create an altar to be something beautiful for people to see when they first enter the workshop space, but also to contain things to inspire them later when they get the chance to create a work of art relating to a goddess. We wanted the altar to be feminine and empowering, but not overy witchy. Although Laura and I are both witches, people attending the workshop are likely to come from a variety of spiritual paths. What we came up with was to use a red table cloth, as safe LED candle in a holder, roses, and cards from the Divine Feminine Oracle Deck

The picture at the top is one I took when I was trying out ideas, but I'm sharing it here, along with my thoughts about what it should contain, as part of my series of posts about altar creation. My earlier post on the topic was a Sun Power Altar for spellwork.

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