Friday 26 August 2022

Messenger Oracle Divination: Change is Unavoidable

I drew a card for the world from the Messenger Oracle. It states change is unavoidable, and shows a picture of figure half tree, half man with autumn on one side and spring on the other. As the wheel of the year turns, and September approaches, it feels like the right card for the times. This is how the official meaning reads: 

"Every second of every day you undergo change. Your perception is altered by what you see, feel and experience from one moment to the next. Your body ages and moves closer to death... Autumn will always come to end the bounty of Summer, and the new hope of Spring will always follow Winter. Change is all around you. Do not let fear bind you to the past and prevent you from enjoying the present and future..."

With the late August bank holiday this weekend, I feel that's a good message. Enjoy the last days of summer and, when autumn comes, enjoy what that offers too. Do not overly fear the future or overly mourn the loss of past. Embrace each day and the changes it brings with love, peace and acceptance. Make the most of each moment.

You see my review of the Messenger Oracle deck here although a new edition recently came out, which I've linked to at the bottom. 

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Jane Mortimer said...

I for one won't be mourning the loss of this sweaty, sleep-deprived summer! Bring on Autumn and Winter. It can't come soon enough! Not looking forward to the energy bills, though!

Badwitch said...

Jane, yes this hasn't been the most fun summer ever. I do like autumn.