Monday 24 October 2022

Samhain Shopping: Whimsigothic Fashion and Fragrance

Whimsigothic is the word for this season's trends, or so I was told. Here are a few more goodies, whimsical or otherwise, that fit the bill for some Samhain - or Halloween - shopping.

Supernatural Soaps from Bewitched Botanicals

First, Nevermore soap created by Bewitched Botanicals. You can't get more Gothic than Poe's ancient and wise raven, which this soap is named after. The fragrance is notes of musty old books, smoke and a leather heart, according to the website, and the colour is as black as the night sky. It's one of my personal favourites and I have a bar in my bathroom right now.

Bewitched Botanicals also have lots of other magical stuff to pamper yourself and please the most Gothic sensibilities, including Ghost Puffs Whip body cream and Miskatonic Spellbinding Scrub. You can find their website here:

Witchy Fashion from Mortal and Wild

The season of the witch is time to stock up on fabulous Goth-fest goodness, such as the wonderful and original designs created exclusively for Mortal and Wild. One example is this retro cartoon witch T-shirt. The digital illustration was inspired by vintage cartoon illustrations. 

Mortal and Wild's website says: "She’s kind of sassy with her wand, red eyes and horns, as she gives you a wave. A fun cute halloween t shirt for women and men, unsex, in a selection of different colours for you to select the one you like." 

You can find more details, and some other wonderful gothy goodies, on the website:

Cobwebby Costume and Crafts from Jez Designs 

Julie Winnard of Jez Designs has some wonderful cobwebby Gothica reticules, like the ones in the photo, which she makes to order. She also has other lovely things in her steampunk and costume section: 

If you're feeling crafty yourself, you can get a tutorial to make your own at Julie's crafts Etsy store at Look in the "other patterns/tutorials" section for the bags, or in the kit sections for the fabric as well as a paper copy.

I hope to be posting more tempting items for Samhain Shopping this week, so do come back to see more. You can also get ideas from my previous related posts:

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