Tuesday 23 August 2022

Witchy Shopping: A Halloween Tray and Starry Scarf

I found this dark blue moon-and-sun tray at TK Maxx, which already has its Halloween range on display. I'm delighted as I was looking for something just like it for candle magic

In the past I've had candles fall over, melt too quickly, or send sparks flying onto my altar cloth, so putting them on a metal tray is an added safety measure. I'm sure this lovely tray will get used to carry cups of tea and coffee when I have friends round as well.

The tray is on a starry scarf which I also found when I was out shopping on holiday last week. It was in a charity shop for £1. On the first Sunday I was away I went to a boot fair and found another lovely scarf as well as some bowls suitable for scrying and glass candle holders. I shared a picture of them on Instagram, where you can find me as starzalucya.

You can also see my book on candle magic via publisher Moon Books.

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