Thursday 29 December 2022

Pagan Eye: Meeting a Favourite Witchfest Speaker

This great photo shows Becky Baigrie, who was a volunteer on the doors to Witchfest this autumn, along with Professor Ronald Hutton, who was arriving to give one of his fabulous talks. 

Becky sent me the picture and said: "Working at Witchfest was a blast and it was so good getting to know other people as apparently it was quieter than other years. I met my favourite speaker. Well worth all the hard work."

According to the Witchfest website, there's a Witchfest Market in Frome and an in-person Wild Witchcraft conference in March 2023. Later in the year there'll be Wicca Introduced in London in April and Witchfest Midlands in May.

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The photo is copyright Becky Baigrie

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