Monday 6 February 2023

Witchy Recycling: Old Packaging Makes a Chalice Case

These days pagan ritual organisers often ask people to bring their own chalice. Wine or milk is poured out rather than a communal cup passed around for people to sip from. There's less chance of catching a cold or worse if everyone has their own drinking vessel.

I was at an outdoor Druid Imbolc celebration at the weekend with my own chalice. I also brought vegetarian snacks because everyone was also asked to contribute to the feast. I felt a bit guilty because I'd bought my offering at the supermarket rather than baking it at home. However, I then discovered my chalice fitted perfectly into the leftover packaging. 

Rather than throw the plastic into the recycling box, I took it home, washed it up and am going to use it to carry my chalice to other rituals. It'll protect the goblet and catch drips. I know it would be better if nothing was sold in supposedly single-use plastic, but reusing or repurposing packaging is better than it going into landfill or ending up in the ocean.

You can see my chalice in the clean tub in the photo. I'd also add that I found the pottery goblet in a charity shop, so that was another example of reuse.

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Jane said...

Great idea, Lucya!