Tuesday 7 February 2023

Witchy Shopping: Pentagram Star Candle Holder

I'm rather tempted to get this pentagram candle holder. I spotted it on the clearance shelf in Sainsbury's when I was buying some groceries yesterday. Okay, it's listed as a star tealight holder and I guess it was part of the supermarket's Christmas range, but it would look brilliant in pride of place on an altar. It'd be just the thing for some candle magic too.

The reason it didn't go straight into my trolley is that I'm trying to declutter my witchy room a bit. I've already got a lot of candle holders - far more than I really need and as many as I have sensible space for. What I should do is go through them and find a few to pass on to someone else or take to the charity shop. 

In the meantime I'm sharing this picture, so if it appeals to you, pop down to your local Sainsbury's and see if they've still got them. As they're sale items I suspect they won't be there for long.

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Jane said...

Oh no! I've got to pop to Sainsbury's for some bottles of lime and elderflower cordial. I probably won't be able to resist the candle holder! Even though my witchy room's only been complete enough to use for a few months, already it's choc-a-bloc with stuff, so I don't know where I'll put another candle holder! My problem is I love all my paraphernalia and it's so hard to part with any of it!

Badwitch said...

Jane - I completely understand! I've been looking at my candle holders to decide which one can go to make room for the one in Sainsbury's!