Thursday 30 March 2023

Books & Folklore: The Magic of Cats by Andrew Anderson

I love cats, and a brilliant new book about feline folklore is due to be published in the next few weeks. It's called The Magic of Cats and is by druid Andrew Anderson. I was lucky enough to be given the chance read the manuscript for The Magic of Cats just before the final draft was sent to publisher Moon Books. Here's the endorsement I gave it:

“This is a wonderful book on the lore of cats. Andrew Anderson delves into their history, mythology, and folklore as well as studies into their behaviour, personalising his writing with delightful anecdotes about the feline companions with which he has shared his home. Cats have a two-sided reputation – sometimes worshipped as Gods, but at other times considered to be agents of the Devil. Seeing a cat can be a symbol of luck or an omen of misfortune. Anderson poetically describes these opposite views as ‘The Cat of the Night and the Cat of the Day’, exploring how these seemingly contradictory attributes add to the magic - and mystery - of cats.”

This is the perfect - or should I say purrfect - year for a book like this as 2023 is the Year of the Cat. I also believe cats are the best companions for witches. My own cheeky black-and-white moggie called Tommy loves to help me when I'm casting spells.

The Magic of Cats is illustrated by Hannah Willow, which is another reason to give it a look. You can view The Magic of Cats on Amazon and at Moon Books' website.

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Maggie Bond said...

I'm really excited to read this book and have it on order. Andrew is a friend of mine and I have both of his other books. Your review of this book is lovely and will inspire people to rush and buy it when it is published. Thank you