Monday 6 March 2023

Spells: Sweet Magic to Heal Bitterness in Life

Someone asked me if I knew of a spell to heal bitterness and frustration they were feeling about the general unfairness in society. Life is full of unfairnesses, and while it's important to tackle injustice, a little magic can also sometimes help with feeling less bitter about things. 

Honey jars spells are a very popular type of magic to sweeten the world around us. Actually, you don't have to use honey - you can use vegan alternatives like syrup or even jam if you prefer. And you can use bottles or vials rather than jars - in fact anything that will safely contain a sticky mixture. You will also need edible herbs or flowers associated with sweetness as well as paper and something to write with.

The top two photos on this page show a sweetening spell I did recently to help with communication. Here's my reasoning for the ingredients I chose to use:
  • I used a small glass tube with a cork stopper. I did have a lovely honey jar I could have picked instead, but small containers take up less space and also need less honey and fewer herbs to fill them. 
  • You can use any honey or syrup, as I said, but I picked sweet chestnut honey. Partly that was because I had a jar of it in my cupboard, but also it added to the symbolic sweetness. Chestnuts also represent abundancce and nourishment. Honey itself has healing qualities as well as being sweet. 
  • I picked some fresh lemonbalm leaves from my garden as it was just starting to grow again this year. The herb is associated with honey as it attracts bees, but also symbolises calmness, compassion and sympathy.  Other sweet herbs that would have been suitable are honeysuckle and camomile, but they weren't in season.
  • I picked orange/gold paper both because orange is a colour that represents communication, but also because it is honey-coloured.

To cast a honey jar spell, you write your wish - or what you want sweetened - on a strip of paper. Try to be as precise and concise as possible whenever you word a wish. Always think carefully about what words you will use to ensure the outcome is really what you want. Roll up the paper and put it inside the jar, bottle or vial you are using to contain the spell. Then put in your chosen herbs and top it up with honey. As you do this visualise what you want to happen when your wish comes true. You can also call on the aid of the Greek nymph Melissa, who is associated with honey, to help bring sweetness to your life - or ask the blessings of any deity you regularly honour. Leave the jar to settle for a while to let air bubbles escape, then put the top on securely.

You could also put a little leftover honey and herbs into a gentle tea and sip it while waiting. (I've blogged in the past about honeysuckle tea and you can see a photo on this post too. Lemonbalm tea is also lovely)

Once your honey jar is done, either put it on your altar or somewhere associated with what you want sweetened. You could put it in the kitchen, as the heart of the home, if that seems most appopriate. You could take it into your office to make your work more pleasant. You could carry a small bottle or vial around with you in your bag to help with all you encounter when out and about.

If you want to discontinue the spell for any reason, thank any deities you asked for help and thank the spirits of the honey and herbs. Open the jar and pour the contents outside as an offering to nature so long as you used only edible ingredients. Wash the jar - it can be reused.

Note: Spells should never be a substitute for professional psychological or medical care. Seek expert help if your problems are serious or long-lasting. (Note: I earn commission from advertisers for some links. This helps support my blog at no extra cost to those who read my posts.)

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Jeff Clough said...

What a wonderful way to use a honey jar! Also, thank you for helping me decide what to plant in a patch of garden we're no longer using. I think lemon balm is in my future! Have a blessed day.

Badwitch said...

Thank you Jeff. I should warn you that lemon balm does tend to grow like crazy and can take over your garden unless you weed it back regularly. However it is such a lovely herb.